I made this because....Edit

I  felt like Jamaa had a secret hidden under neath the phantom king's Heart. And he did. Long in the future Mira had broke free from her statue and as fast as she can before the phantoms or the phantom king could see her and then she swooped the phantom king's crown and then he said. ((Get her you fools!))And then thats when she saw zios and told her to leave quickly before the tower fell . And nobody new what happend next. Rumors have it that the book of Legends is hidden down where zios died and where his sign was layed at.  Part :2 Greely's Inferno. Stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not enter. If do Kiss mommy goodbye. Why said Kyra it's the portal to a Game universe. Well count me in said Kyra. Wait said Lucas.           Founder:Sweetz808 Admins: Puppygirl1244  Chat mods: Bunnybunnylol   DiamondDraggon88


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